Holiday Weight Loss Tips !

A few cookies at the office, a succulent piece of gingerbread, jelly doughnuts for Hanukah, chocolates in your stockings... It's that time of the year! Let's be realistic ladies; all these extra treats will add up and you're more likely to gain a pound or two by New Year's day! But no worries! You don't have to fall into this trap; You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Here are my Five top Ways you can maintain and even lose weight during the Holiday season:


You can eat the foods you like BUT how much of it you eat matters most. Stick to 1 serving and that's it.


I start my day with a natural detox recipe that helps with bloating, increases energy, speeds up metabolism, stabilizes my blood sugar, and boost my immune system. Every morning I mix 1 TBSP of fresh lemon juice, 1 TBSP of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), 1 Cup of Warm water, 1 Tsp of Raw Honey, 1 Tsp of Cinnamon, and Dash of Cayenne pepper. There are many delicious water recipes out there but I have successfully lost weight with this one so I stick to it :)


If your workouts are normally an hour long, add an extra 10 minutes, when you add it up to 3 times a week, you will have done an additional 30 minutes of physical activity! Focus on full body movements, circuit training with minimal rest, jogging, hiring a Personal Trainer to push you out of your comfort zone, are all proven methods that with will help  maintain or lose weight.


If you plan on going out to a Christmas party, an office Potluck, and simply making dinner for friends and family. Eat before hand. Snack on  a plate of raw Veggies with hummus while cooking, or before leaving the house. I promise  you will feel so full you may not even finish your dinner and be less likely to reach for desert!


Avoid drinking too much alcohol. First because it causes way too much damage to your liver, and second because if you drink a lot you won't have as much control over what you eat. I suggest drinking club soda if you feel out of place while socializing with others who drink :)

REMEMBER LIFE IS NOT ABOUT DEPRIVING YOURSELF, it is about enjoying every bit of it in reasonable amount! If you indulge too much, don't be too hard on your self! Get up  and  do better than you did Yesterday! So let the Holiday parties begin!

                                                     YOU'VE GOT THIS ! XOXO

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