The best project you will ever work on is YOU!

OK, today is the day! Today; I want to inspire you to shift your mindset and make yourself a priority! Easier said than done you say?

At ELLE FIT Dance and Fitness my objective is to help you FALL IN LOVE WITH FITNESS by offering fun, yet challenging classes, personalized training sessions that meet your individual needs, and most importantly I make it my personal mission to guide you to a better quality of life! How exactly to you FALL in love with fitness and how do you STAY in love?

I recently had a revelation; falling in love with fitness is pretty much like falling in love with some someone. It's easy in the beginning, everything is great; you start a new routine you enjoy; you're working out with friends, trying new classes whether it's dancing, running, spinning, or strength training; then comes the most difficult part: working on it day after day and making it a priority! For some it can be overwhelming; you start convincing yourself that it is too hard, that you don't have the time, or you have to take care of the kids, and the house..... and the list continues.

The truth is, just like in any relationship; it takes WORK. It's not easy and It takes energy. What I realized is that the energy you put in is what MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

When you bring positive energy into your relationship there is nothing but great feelings, love, acceptance, and patience; similar to your fitness goals. When you remind yourself you must work on you; you feel more confident, you become more kind to yourself, you no longer worry about how you look but more about how you feel. That is the Power of Fitness and how you stay in Love with it.

I delight in seeing that shift in my clients! They often start with one goal of losing weight but it turns into: "I'm doing this for me; to feel strong, to be good to myself." The key is to make a plan for it. Try this:

on a sheet of paper write down what you struggle with today; then write down how you want to feel after you workout. When you complete your workout check your mindset and see how you feel about the things you struggled with and how you feel mentally and physically. Doing this each day for 2 weeks will allow you to point out patterns of stress and how exercise enables you to tackle these

challenges in a more positive way. Yes, it's work; but it the best project you will ever work on!



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