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Behind my success is a Tribe of Great Women

My Personal Living Blog Posted by Christina Rios, December 14th, 2017 "Vulnerability is the glue that holds relationships together. It's the magic sauce." Dr. Brene Brown. It has officially been a year since I've announced the beginning of my new journey and the opening of ELLE FIT DANCE AND FITNESS so I wanted to share this one last blog of the year 2017 with you to express all of my gratitude for all that I've been able to accomplish but also acknowlege the women in my life who have helped me Stay Strong and Rise through all the hurdles and dificult decisions I've had to make on this beautifull and risky adventure. As a woman who grew up around many great women, I've always felt connected to others no matter what ethnicity, age, social and geographic background. I may not be the loudest or most extrovert person in the world but I love connecting with people on a more personal deeper level. This year, what I believed to be true about women comfirmed itself on such a more intense level I thought possible. What I found to be true is that when Women support each other incredible things happen. I started my career as a personal trainer because I wanted to help women regain confidence in their body, mind, and spirit. So for the past 7 years that is what I have been doing; for the first time in my life I was doing something I loved, and the best part is that it didn't feel like work! What I give ( my knowledge of exercise, nutrition ,and healthy living) I receive back every single time in their progress, their boost of strength and self esteem, and what a great gift that is! My decision to expand my business and open a dance and fitness studio was not an easy task. It meant spending more time doing things I didn't love ( marketing and selling:( but also sacrificing personal life comforts such as steady income, and cutting back on all of my living expenxes. While I knew It had to be done, I wasn't prepared for the reality of it. You may see me on social media posting about my awesome instructors and classes, my personal training but this year has been by far the most difficult year of my entire life. It all started when I found out a month before my grand opening that my landlord was not going to renew my lease and pretty much kick us out within 2 months. While trying to keep my head up and trying to work on the final touches of the grand opening I struggled to find another place to stay that would allow my girls to stay in the same schools and not disturb their life. Thinking of the worse case scenarios is my specialty so of course I went into panic mode and felt hopeless. As it turns out findind a new place to rent is not easy when you work for yourself. Reluctantly, I decided to ask my clients and friends for help which meant showing a part of me that I was not used to doing. Being vulnerable to people who look up to you is the hardest thing! I shared my struggle with some of my clients and my young sister. What I saw was the most amazing force and sense of compassion I had ever seen. They all pulled their sleeves up and started to offer suggestions, connections to people who could help me, and even letting me and my girls stay with them until I found a place to stay! It was amazing to see all the support I received from all theses incredible women. So by the grace of GOD, I ended up finding a new place; much smaller than what we had but I felt so relieved and grateful that my girls would be able to stay in the same schools that It didnt matter. Through the rest of the year the reality of entreprenorship continued to hit me on the head. I had to dig deep for motivation and find mentors along the way. I understand that the ups and downs are not for everyone, I had to be mentally strong and learn not to take things personally when new clients came on board, but then left, or when classes fill up one week, then no one shows up the next, when instructors promise to teach a class and never ever show up. Many of my long term clients stepped up unselfishly to help me keep my dream alive; they were my angels sent by GOD. I will forever be grateful for their guidance and assistance. As you can see when I had no control over the outcomes of my life, I had to ask for help which forced me to be vulnerable but that vulnerability like Brene Brown says so well it it the glue that holds relationships together. It made my relationship with all the women I serve so much stronger. We have a close bond that I may have never experienced if I had been too afraid to ask for help. SO I want to give a BIG thank you and a GIANT hug to my tribe of ladies who have stood by me this year and helped me make my dream come true! xoxo, Christina.

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