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Dance is my New Happy Hour; 5 reasons why it should be yours too!

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm still on cloud nine thinking about our End of the year dance Party and wish all of you were here to experience the joy and simply the most fun night I've had in long time!

I recently read an article in Essence magazine that explained how there has been a shift happening in the past year; women are ditching bars for yoga and dance classes!

Why is that? For me as a mom, I enjoy getting together with friends for a good time but also I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive drinks and food. I love the idea of having a girls night out without the negative effects of a hung over or an empty wallet!

Offering Dance and Fitness classes that inspire women to get fit and Fall in Love with Fitness has always been my mission so when one of my instructors suggested that we should have a End of the Year Dance Party I was super excited! It gave us an opportunity to show case our different dance genre to our members and their friends. The ladies all had a giant smile on their faces, they got a great workout and had FUN! For me, that night was another confirmation that I was living my true purpose: helping women get fit, elevate their spirit, and Fall In love With Fitness!

Dance has become my New Happy Hour and I know some of you are probably thinking : "that's nice but I can't dance or I have no rhythm so its not for me.." Before you come up with more reasons why you can't; I'd like to share with you 5 reasons why Dance is GOOD for you!

1. It improves your MOOD.

When we dance our brains release neurotransmitters also known as Endorphins. After prolonged physical activity such as running or dancing endorphins trigger an euphoric response; it may feel a little uncomfortable when you get started but once you're on the dance floor you'll start to smile and you'll be so happy you did it!

2. It increases BALANCE and FLEXIBILITY

For many people being able to bend over and touch their toes is a struggle. Balance and flexibility are skills that are necessary not only in dance but also for everyday life, especially as we age. Being able to stand on one leg, bend over of tighten your shoes, not tripping or falling when walking on unstable grounds is major to avoid injuries. Dancing improves your balance and flexibility but also your confidence, joint strength and mobility!

3. Better POSTURE.

Long hours sitting at a desk, or too much time hunched over your computer will lead to back and neck pain, and consequently curvature of the spine. When you dance you have to keep your chins, chests up, and shoulders back . Practicing this will not only improve your posture but also improve core strength, and prevent back pain!


Have you ever looked at a dancer's body and admired their toned legs, arms and abs? No matter what type of dance you chose; Dancing improves muscle tone, and while many undermine the importance of building muscle ; your body is more efficient at burning calories throughout the day when you have more muscle! You'll better manage your weight and have FUN doing it!

5. It creates FUN MEMORIES!

Sharing my love of dance with others has become such a great bonding activity! Dancing with your girlfriends, mom, sisters, and daughters and just letting your body move to the music is incredibly exhilarating! The great thing about dancing is that it allows you to be creative and funnel your energy to make a visual representation of the music you are listening to. It can be such a therapeutic process and Fun experience as you work through a choreography with someone special!

I hope these 5 benefits of dancing will inspire you to keep grooving and : " Dance like no one is watching! "



Reference: "Dancing does the body good"

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