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5 Top Ways the Gym Can Empower Your Life.

At one point in our life we all joined the gym to get in shape but it can be a vulnerable place for some of us. it's a new environment with people you don't know. On one side you have guys lifting and dropping weights, on the other side you have super energized instructors screaming in their microphones, music pumping, sweat dripping; then you have all these machines that look like they came out of a Transformer movie! At least that's how I felt when I first started on my journey to better health 10 years ago. Thankfully, this new strange environment became familiar and before I knew it, it had become a place where I could recharge, learn new things, get endorphins flowing, meet new friends, and push myself out of my comfort zone. The gym can empower your life in so many ways that I would like to share with you my Top 5 :

1. It gives you a sense of community

The gym gives you a common space where you can make connections with people from all different walks of life. I Had some of the deepest conversations about what is going on in our present society with older and younger adults at the gym. From discussing sports, politics, diet and nutrition, sharing pictures of first day of school I found common interests and bonded with others I never thought I would. Many of them became a source of support in my personal and professional life and I will forever be grateful for that!

2. It teaches you discipline

The number one lesson I have learned from going to the gym is that consistency and discipline are key to reaching your goals and being healthy. You have to stay consistent with your workouts, and your diet; it's a simple as that. When you plan your life around your workouts; positive change start to happen in and outside of the gym! Setting a gym schedule, means going to bed early so you can get up and go workout the next day; going to bed early means getting more sleep; getting more sleep means having more energy for daily tasks. With discipline You will get more done, eat healthier, and feel more in control of your life.

3. You learn new things

When you first join the gym, you may feel lost. You don't know which class you should take and if you're going to like it, which machines are best to enhance your butt or what exercises to do?:) So you start looking around you, see what others are doing; you peek into a group fitness class to see what all the positive energy is about and then one day you try something new! I highly recommend asking other members which class they enjoy the most, or hiring a personal trainer that can design a fitness program tailored to your goals and teach you how to properly perform exercises. Trying new classes or learning different training methods empowers you to do what works for YOU.

4. You get to socialize and have FUN!

I don't know about you but I feel like I have passed the age of getting into crowded, smoke filled, loud clubs. I enjoy smaller crowds with people who are there to have healthy pure Fun; Dance and Fitness events are just that! I started offering social dance parties and yoga/ meditation events at my studio because I wanted to give women a place to socialize ( after hours:) interact with friends, family, and other members of the community while doing what they enjoy such as yoga and dance. By going to the gym I made new connections, and some resulted in new wonderful friendships. Everyone there is happy, relaxed, getting a great workout without spending a ton of money or having to worry about hang overs! In one of my previous post I called it my new " Happy Hour ".


As women, we spend a lot of time making sure everybody else's needs are met. We often fall into this trap of doing for others first and then feel unappreciated for all our efforts. Going to the gym helped me put ME First. By taking care of your body, mind, and spirit you will quickly feel more confident, strong, and a much happier person. Research suggests that exercise helps to improve your mood, and even help in the treatment of depression. I personally use the gym as a form of therapy to deal with the stress of life. It's my ME time and I'm such a better business owner, friend, partner, and mom because of it.

So as you can see there are many positive physical, social, and emotional aspects to joining a gym! I hope you feel empowered the next time you step into your fitness center, meet new members, join a new class, workout with friends or your personal trainer. I know I do and that is why I continue to Inspire and Educate other Women to be FIT.



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