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Gift Ideas that will bring Health and Happiness for 2019!

I don't know about you but I have just completed my Christmas shopping and boy it feels GOOD!! I have to admit, I'm kind of an outsider when it comes to Christmas shopping because I don't buy a lot. My kids know it since I have stuck to my 3 presents per child rule since they were babies. I separate their gifts in 3 different categories: one for health, one for happiness ( because they've asked for it many times and I know they will be so glad to get it), and one for self improvement.

My clients often ask for my input around the Holidays because they are getting ready to either buy presents for family and friends or themselves. I love the idea of gifts that can bring health, happiness, and practicality or self improvement.

Something for Fitness:

My favorite gifts to give or receive are Fitness Gifts (of course:). We all need extra motivation to stay healthy and strong for the new year so what better gift than the gift of Fitness?

Fitness equipment or classes make great gifts!

The New Year always brings new beginnings and new goals for many of us. Getting new fitness gear such as exercise balls, kettle bells, or a brand new weight bench can motivate you to take your fitness to the next level or just try something new!

It's no surprise that every year my Groupon deal on sells more during the month of December. Many of my new clients have come to me through Groupon or a gift certificate that someone in their circle gave them as a gift!

Something for Happiness:

I'm at an age where experiences have more value to me than material things which is why my second favorite gift idea is offering an experience such as a massage, movie tickets, or gift cards at your favorite healthy restaurant.

Something for Self Improvement:

One of the gifts I gave my youngest daughter is a Fitbit; While its not a toy; I know she will make good use of it by counting her steps each day! I love to read so Books are my favorite gifts to buy for family. Here are a few I recommend:

1. Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman MD.

2. Glow 15 by Naomi Whittel

3. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

4. The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballentine

5. Supreme Influence by Niurka.

I hope this list of gift ideas will inspire you to give or ask for something for fitness, happiness, or self improvement! What are the things you love to give? I'd love to hear !



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