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Health and Fitness Gift Ideas for MOM

If you don't know what to give your special woman I hope you will find it in this health and fitness guide I put together!

As a mom; I never know what to get for myself and get easily distracted when shopping online... I start by looking for skin care and next thing you know I'm looking at clothes, bed sheets, organizing tubs... I know many of you get overwelmend just like me which is why I believe this list will make shopping for mom easy!

I have used all of these Healthy gift ideas and can tell you they were well worth the investment. All of these are available on Amazon which is great if you like to compare prices and reviews.

1. A tongue cleaner scraper

Tongue scraping is an efficient way to get rid of bacteria from the floor of your tongue that causes bad breath. Studies show that using a tongue scraper can enhance your sense of flavor as your tongue might be able to distinguish between sour, sweet, and salty. It also healps getting rid of bacteria that can cause cavities, gum disease, and other ailments affecting your mouth. Best time to scrape your tongue is first thing in the morning before drinking or eating anything.

2. Day and Night Vitamin C Facial serum

I recently started to pay close attention to what I use for my face. Turning 42 will do that to you LOL! I researched what the skin experts are recommending for healthy skin and Vitamin C always comes up! I have seen great improvements in my skin tone with this Duo serum; Which I use for night and day. It reduces fine lines and dark spots all around. Plus its made without any parabens, and was never tested on animals which is my number one rule when purchasing beauty products.

3. Hamilton Beach Juicer

If you follow me in Instagram ( @christinafitrios) you know how much I enjoy juicing! My oldest daughter bought this for me as a mother's day gift last year and I never thought I'd love it as much as I do! What I love most about this juicer is how easy it is to clean. You can make healthy homemade juice in seconds to keep that healthy glow going ! Every mom out there should have one of these!

4. ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga mat

COMFORT is what comes to mind when I think of my ProsourceFit yoga mat! This is a must have if you or your mother workout from home, or to take with you to the gym. Its high density will protect your mother's joints during class and she'll be thanking you!

5. Adjustable Ankle weights

I love these adjustable ankle weights because they fit your wrists as well! I often use them as hand weights when walking outside, or as light weights for my pilates workouts. It's a great addition to your workout gear !

6. Books for Healthy Glow

Here are my top 3 favorite books for healthy living and cooking. I find myself going back to the recipes of these all the time because they share the same message: Fill your plate mostly with plants, only eat healthy fats, and eat organic consciously raised meat in moderation.

I read Dr Hyman's "Eat Fat get Thin " book 4 years ago and it completly changed my view on eating and the benefits of fat ( the healthy ones). The first week was rough but I felt a great sense of wellbeing while on his plan.

" Glow15 " by Naomi Whittel Is the best woman's guide to healthy looking skin and feeling vibrant in my opinion ! It has great insights for women who are looking to improve their skin, stamina, and energy. Naomi's plan recommends fasting 2 to three times a week for 16-18 hours which is where she lost me :) but I did incorporate some intermittent fasting ( 13 hours was enough for me:) and still saw a big improvement.

" Younger Skin starts in the Gut" by Dr. Nigma Talib is my newly discovered read. As I said earlier getting older makes you want to dive deep into how to keep your skin looking young and healthy and just as I suspected it starts in the Gut as Dr Talib explains. She gives you a 4 week progam to follow to identify and eliminate skin aging triggers. I especially like the recipes she offers for natural skin treatments and the age reversing eating plan.


I hope this guide helps you in your search for the perfect health and fitness gift for your mom or yourself! And don't forget that from all the gifts life has to offer, a loving mother/ step mom, mother in law is the greatest of them all!


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